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Tuff Stuff CPL-400



TuffStuff’s Evolution series includes a plate loaded Leg Extension / Prone Leg Curl Bench.  The CPL400 allows users to isolate and strengthen their quadriceps with leg extensions.  Users can also work their hamstrings with a prone leg curl exercises.  The dual purpose machine features a space-saving design to maximize floor space.  It also includes an adjustable cam that allows users to select multiple start positions while maintaining a proper strength curve for both exercises.

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The TuffStuff Evolution Leg Extension / Prone Leg Curl Bench (CPL-400) is a dual purpose bench that allows both seated leg extensions and prone leg curl exercises.  The compact design minimizes bench length and places the weight horn closer to user.  While an adjustable cam provides the proper strength curve and permits multiple start positions for both exercises.

  • Dual purpose bench: allows leg extension and prone leg curl exercises
  • Compact design fits comfortably in small spaces
  • Adjustable cam provides multiple start positions for both exercises
  • Adjustable footroll to accommodate various leg lengths
  • Built-in handles for support and stability
  • Home Lifetime Warranty* and Light Commercial Warranty

Key Features (CPL-400):

  • Dual purpose bench allows seated leg extension and prone leg curl exercises.
  • Compact design minimizes bench length and places weight horn closer to user.
  • Adjustable cam provides proper strength curve and allows multiple start positions.
  • Adjustable foot roll to accommodates various leg lengths.
  • Built-in handles for support and stability.
  • Maximum weight: 400 lb/181 kg

*Weight plates are not included


Tuff Stuff

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Weight 60 lbs


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