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More Than A Commercial Fitness Equipment Supplier
Designing The Future Of Fitness

As the world is changing, faster than ever, so does the fitness industry, with new technology, functionality and modalities which we never really considered in the past. However, history has proven time and time again, that Fitness, Health and Wellness, are something that we all strive to attain and will continue to put at the front of our life long priorities. We believe this to our core! With one of the longest histories in the fitness equipment supply and design industry, we are a staple in the fitness industry and will remain as fitness evolves into the future.

Established in 1992, from a single retail location in Houston, TX, now the largest supplier for fitness equipment in the state of Texas, we supply 5 star service to homeowners and commercial real estate facilities across the country. Formally segmented companies throughout Texas, this year of 2021, we consolidated into the 2nd largest fitness supply company in the country, holding the longest-standing reputation for excellence in commercial fitness. Providing experienced consultation in order to assess the best mix of cardiovascular and strength equipment for your facility. We are a team of experienced professionals, who follow the fitness industry trends and technological advances in the industry, to make certain that our clients get the highest return-on-investment when working with us.

We don’t look at our company as a fitness supplier, but more as an experience provider in the highly competitive industry in real estate. To attain the goals of our clients, every project we work on MUST meet the demand of today and the future.

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We Specialize In Equipment, However, That Is Only A Part Of What We Do.

Optimization of spaces with knowledge and experience of our team, to offer service and programing for today and thr future.

We work with all different product brand and levels of equipment in the industry. Meeting the needs of some of the highest class properties to the lower budget facility needs in the real estate world. Therefore we customize each and every project to the needs of the facility and not to what we feel is the best offer. We look at all projects as a new opportunity to bring the most success possible. With our expertise, we look at the full picture, focusing on reducing costs for our clients, without compromising the offering. We bring the right amount of technology and functionality to spaces, based off of factual and practical experience of our team and history. We work with health and fitness clubs, multi-family, hotels, corporate multi-tenant, single corporate campus, property developers, universities, boutique studios, city recreation centers, municipality facilities such as fire stations, police stations and much more.

Our Process


onsite evaluation of current needs with assessment, education and surveys


Equipment Layout, Product Selection, Color Selection, Flooring, Lighting, A/V

Review Process

Onsite Visit, Final Changes, Sign Off, Design Completion,

Installation and implementation

Equipment Delivery, Assembly, Clean Up, Equipment Testing

Continual support

Grand Opening Education, Preventative Maintenance, Knowledge and Updates

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MyFitnessStore.com has been accepted as the official National Equipment Supplier for the National Foundation For Governors’ Fitness Councils DON’T QUIT!® Campaign.

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